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WRS Pro Windows installation



You will receive a zip file via email or by direct downloading using your account in our e-shop.
Right click the zip file, choose properties, and check if a button “unblock” exists. If yes , click it.

Extract this zip file in your computer.

The zip file contains a folder “WRSProWin”. 

You will get a regkey.dat file through your email. Place this file inside the WRSProWin folder.  Proceed with the following steps.

a)      Install Microsoft .Net 4 Framework (probably already installed )

b)      Using file explorer, locate “cmd.exe” in the “c:\windows\system32” folder.
Right click on this file and choose “run as administrator “ .


c)       In the opened Dos Window run the following three commands …
cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319
InstallUtil "
(replace the red characters with the path of your WRS folder)
net start "Webradio Stats Pro Logging Service"
The above command will install the WRS service which collects your listeners. 

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