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What kind of data do you need from me in order to activate the service? Article not rated yet
Your Radioname and your email.  After we activate your account you need to setup your stream. So , some details here is needed like… IP, Port, SID/Mountpoint, administrator username and pa...
If I change stream providers, do I have to communicate with you to change something? Article not rated yet
NO! You do not need to contact us. Simply update your stream settings under "streams"
Will I lose any statistics if I change Streaming Provider? Article not rated yet
NO! Our service is independent of your streaming provider. You may change streaming providers as often as you wish. As long as you update the configuration file, you will not lose any statistics. We h...
Is the collection of data done by using shoutcast’s log file ? Article not rated yet
NO! Data collection is done real time and it is stored in a database we create specifically for you.
Are all the listeners appearing? Article not rated yet
This is your choice. Our suggestion is not to show listeners of listening time less than 3 minutes. In any case everybody is being recorded. We have the option of simply putting a listening time filte...
I use windows media server. Can I use your services? Article not rated yet
Unfortunately not right now. Our services apply to owners / users of shoutcast server. In the future we may consider to creating something similar to that for windows media servers, depending on the d...
I have registered my radio to your service and all the tables (24 hours, 7 days, etc.) show the same data. What gives? Article not rated yet
This is expected. For the first 24 hours of the service, all tables show the same data. On the second day you will see all tables will show the same data except for the table of 24 hours. The time sta...
When using the custom filter, the listeners in a specific week appear somewhat fewer than when adding up the listeners on each individual day within that week. Is this some error? Article not rated yet
Not really. This is simply how listeners are calculated. Any listener that was listening to your station before, at and after midnight, will be counted once on both days, but only once within the week...
Can you provide statistics for particular days, months (e.g. Monday, Tuesday / November, December)? Article not rated yet
Of course, using our custom filters! You can even drill down to a specific broadcast (up to a period of 3 hours) anytime within the past 12 months.
I use one server and 3 relays. Will I see all listeners from all streams on my stats page? Article not rated yet
Each relay/stream is practically a "new radio station" in terms of required resources (traffic and database space) .The Stats of these streams are merged in one single statistics page.

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